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The Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the U.K. ("ASLL") was formed on the 17th May 2003 to bring together lawyers of Sri Lankan origin (both Sri Lankan and British born) by providing a common forum where Barristers, Solicitors, Academics and Students in the Legal field, as well as others who are associated within the Legal field could interact and exchange ideas with a view to assisting each other including providing continuing education and inter-acting with professional bodies such as the Bar Council, the Law Society and other focus groups including ILPA, JCWI, HLPA.

ASLL's Members consist of Solicitors, Barristers, Attorneys-at-Law, Notaries. Law Students, Paralegals, Outdoor and indoor Clerks join us as Associate Members. There are others who have been co-opted and they include Immigration Law Practitioners, Accountants, and members of the profession who are not necessarily of Sri Lankan Origin.

We have also used the forum as a much needed base for social interaction and to address the needs of others such as the Tsunami victims and other victims of disasters, through our own Charity, registered with the Charity Commissioner of England & Wales. Our social activities have included an annual Dinner Dance, a Law-Medical Cricket Match followed by a Dance and other cricketing and sports events where members families and friends have had the occasion of meeting each other and discuss things other than Law!




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-------------------- New CPD COURSES <.2009.>

A full day education program on 6th June 2009>..more info

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Rights Update on 28th june 2009
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